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As You Like It cast list

As You Like It cast list.

(NOTE: Order of casting bears no relation to line load)

Duke (living in exile)-

Will Virden

Frederick (Feardorcha) his Brother, Usurper of his dominions:

Daniel Holzmeier

Rosalind (Roisin), daughter to the banished duke

Caitlin LeBrun

Celia, Daughter to Frederick

Monica Powers

Amiens (Clare), attendant on the Duke

Annie Powers

Jaques (Seamusain), attendant on the Duke

Laura Sherwood

LeBeau (Killarney), attendant on Frederick

Mairi Rodriguez

Charles (Cathal), a wrestler

Tevin Stutzman

Orlando– son of Sir Rowland de Boys

Jon Campbell

Oliver (Oilibhear), son of Sir Rowland de Boys Jarrod verSteeg

Jaques (Seamus)- son of Sir Rowland de Boys

Peter Rodriguez

Adam-Attendant on Oliver

Sam Mota Martinez

Dennis (Donnacha)-Attendant on Oliver Victoria Ledesma

Touchstone, a clown-

Evan Kruschke

Sir Oliver (Oilibhear) Mar-Text, a vicar Dominick Ghirardo

Corin/Corrine (Comrhaidh), a shepherdess

Ailis Thornhill

Silvius, a shepherd James Powers

Phoebe, a shepherdess

Taylor Graham

Audrey, a country wench Marcella Saenz

William (Liam), a country fellow, in love with Audrey

Dante Mota Martinez

A person representing Juno, Goddess of Marriage Sydney Disselkamp

Lords attending the Duke Adriana Ledesma

Andrew LeBrun

Anna Davis

Lords attending Duke Frederick Maura Schmitt

Rafael Magana

Juan Miguel Vallejo

Attendants to Rosalind and Celia Shasta Foster

Anna Davis

Helen Mary Roach

Dancers of Arden Helen Mary Roach

Adriana Ledesma

Sydney Disselkamp

Marcella Saenz

Wrestlers Connor Smith

Ryan Clements

Company: Shasta Foster, Ryan Clements, Andrew LeBrun, Evan Kruschke, James Robas, Anna Davis, Adriana Ledesma, Marcella Saenz, Sydney Disselkamp, Mairi Rodriguez, Sam Mota Martinez, Carina Leon, Victoria Ledesma, Annie Powes, James Powers, Ailis Thornhill, Johan Roach, Yvonne Carrick.

Note to everyone who auditioned:

The casting directors (Mr. and Mrs. Powers, Mrs. Burroughs, Mrs. Nancy Roach and Mr. Martin) were very impressed with each and every one of you who auditioned. We would have liked to work with each and every one of you. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough space for everyone so, sadly, some did not get cast. Please do not be discouraged by this and consider auditioning in the future (especially underclassmen!!!) If you have any questions or concerns regarding auditioning, or are interested in assisting the production in some other capacity (and we need lots of backstage help!!) please see Mr. or Mrs. Powers.

There will be a mandatory cast meeting Tuesday immediately after school -Room 108- to hand out schedules and briefly answer questions.

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As You Like It

Link for the script:

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Open thread for Morality test

Fire away.

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Morality 12-1

Research the Terri Schiavo case.

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Psych 12-1

Read section on meditation/biofeedback/hypnosis.

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English 12-1

Test on Pericles.

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Morality: UPDATE on Excommunication and Abortion

How convenient.  On the very same day that we discuss abortion and excommunication, the USCCB has now declared that anyone voting for FOCA (the Freedom of Choice Act), a law that will strip all states of any and all restrictions to access to abortion will incur automatic excommunication. Mr. Obama has stated that he will sign the bill if and when it crosses his desk.


So, the Pelosi, Mr. Reid and Mr. Biden may in fact receive that excommunication that I said earlier had never been given to an American politician?  Guess what?  Looks like it might be happening, if they vote for it and the bills language is egregious enough.

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Morality 11-20

Note that the idea of the morning after pill as being licit for rape victims is placed as possibly inaccurate on my part.  Unit on euthanasia begins Monday.

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Psych 11-20

Test on Friday.

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English 11-20

Test on vocabulary.

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